Our Story

Founders Christian Piuma and Greg Damico met on their sales journey in 2005 as early hires and sales reps at Audigy Group. Together, they helped build its sales development and service model, accountable for revenue growth of $30 million and ultimately exiting at a $151 million valuation. They knew they had a special business chemistry and the duo’s knack for outbound sales was cemented. Throughout their time at Audigy, they worked hand-in-hand with Audigy CEO, Brandon Dawson, who is now business partners with Grant Cardone and founder of Cardone Ventures.

Christian soon moved to Silicon Valley to jump headlong into the tech frenzy that was sweeping the country. After a hard interview let down for a high-level sales position with Twitter, he went back on the search. Little did he know, that denial was an ole’ blessing in disguise that put him on a path to connect with one of Zuckerberg’s friends from Harvard, Kyna Fong. Kyna brought Christian on as the first salesperson at her digital health startup, Elation Health, which was initially funded by many of Facebook’s co-founders. As one of the early team players, he built its B2B sales process from scratch. With his fair share of challenges managing SDRs and account execs, he found the winning formula for a high-growth outbound sales machine and the rest is history. Elation is currently celebrating remarkable growth in its Series D growth round, achieving 8-figures of ARR and over 105M in venture since launching Outbound sales and marketing.

At the same time, Greg, successfully rose in the ranks at Audigy through the 2016 acquisition Soon he set off on a path to find the next challenge where he landed as VP of operations for a large veterinary aggregator, Thrive Pet Healthcare. His relentless support of the field operations team and the company’s revenue growth goals served as a catalyst for massive expansion and eventually exit participation for Mr. Damico.

Together, their collective journeys sparked their calling; to help founders and sales leaders realize their business vision the same way they had helped their former companies. SalesLeap was born. Since its founding in 2020, SalesLeap has helped over 100 high-growth B2B SaaS and Service companies grow with Outbound sales and marketing.

Success leaves clues!

The secret to mastery is to model those who have done what you are looking to achieve.

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Our Core Values

Outbound Unbreakable

Through our commitment to Outbound, we strive for continuous revenue growth through systematic outreach, resourceful sales development, persistence, and refining our operation.

Obsessed About Our Members’ Success

Our success lies in serving members exceptionally, striving for their success, and exceeding expectations with ‘white glove’ service.

Growth Mindset & Positive Energy

We maintain high standards, pursue daily growth, embrace gratitude, celebrate wins, and approach challenges with a solutions-oriented, positive mindset.

Model Best Practices

Studying success to emulate: We learn, automate, measure and seek efficient paths to better destinations.

Our Team

Christian Piuma

CEO + Co-Founder

Christian is a serial startup executive who has led growth for pre-revenue services and technology startups through funding and profitability. The first company he helped build, Audigy Group, was acquired for $151 million in 2016, and the latest Silicon Valley startup, Elation Health, is now in Series D (‘22 post-D, $500M valuation) venture growth mode. As one of the first employees of these organizations, Christian knows the uncertainty that growth leaders face and what it takes to realize a vision: a SalesLeap. Complementary to Christian’s experience with B2B sales and marketing, he launched his own business coaching service for entrepreneurs where he held virtual masterminds and live retreats to help new founders launch. Through these coaching efforts, he was also recognized by Tony Robbins as the world’s #1 Business Mastery Team Leader in 2018. Additionally, Christian serves on the Portland University Pamplin Business School advisory board. His dedication and passion for helping business leaders can be felt in every interaction.

Greg Damico

COO + Co-Founder

Greg has established an exceptional B2B track record, showcasing his prowess through his involvement with a wide range of successful companies. Spanning from billion-dollar, multi-national organizations to pre-revenue startups, Greg's professional journey has consistently delivered unparalleled impact. During his tenure as Vice President of Operations at Thrive Pet Healthcare and multiple roles with Audigy Group, Greg played pivotal roles in scaling these companies, spearheading transformative efforts that culminated in nine and ten-figure liquidity events. His extensive experience spanning over two decades encompasses sales, marketing, and operations, complemented by a unique skill set that empowers him to contribute meaningfully to a business's culture while driving positive results for the bottom line. Greg's mastery in these areas sets him apart, making him an invaluable asset to the SalesLeap member coaching and executive teams.

Chad Jackson

VP of Marketing

Mike Lorenzi

Senior Manager, Sales Operations

Austin Andresen

Account Executive

Matthew Junious

Member Success Manager

Joslynn Griffin

Lead Outbound Strategist

David Azcúnaga

HubSpot Strategist

Adam Levine

Copywriting Strategist

Saramarie Shine


Reygie Robles

Member Success Associate

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At SalesLeap, we are a fully remote company that strives for the perfect work/life balance. We work hard and play hard. And, we pursue healthy growth both personally, professionally, and financially. Join our rapidly growing team today.

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